What will happen to the .UK Domain Names after Brexit

Just a thought… Following the EU referendum and the subsequent rift which was highlighted by the very close vote, plus the protests that have taken place since, but just maybe, the United Kingdom is not necessarily as united as we may hope.

Hopefully the new government led by prime minister Theresa May will pull it out of the bag and be able to rebuild and reunify the countries that make up the UK, only time will tell!

Currently the UK enjoys the use of the .uk domain space.  If the UK were to fracture further, at what point will/could .uk become surplus to requirements (if the worst happened)?  I guess the simply answer is when we are simply no longer united and the government has agreed to relinquish further control.

Would the .gb domain name need to be re-instated, which though still online, no one can register new domains.  It is managed by an organisation called JISC which provides much of the academic IT infrastructure used by UK schools, colleges and maybe even university (I didn’t do that much research in all honesty).

I wounder if the there are already plans in the pipeline?  Also how far along are they?

Just think though, the opportunities are there to commercialise the .gb domain.  Had it been available, maybe Great Britain’s Athletes would have bragged about the whopping medal collect following Rio 2016, they could have had the domain team.gb?

Anyway.  Hopefully that will not happen.

Featured image: London telephone box was taken buy Gordon and is available here; https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7684/27845667002_30995290be_k.jpg

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