Upgrading Fedora 25 to Fedora 26

Normally, I perform my OS upgrades by way of a clean install.  This time round though, I thought I’d give the upgrade process a try, given Fedora are pushing it quite a lot this time round.

The actually process took about 30-35 minutes on my machine, and that’s including the time required to download the software updates in the first place.

The upgrade process was started from the Software GUI.  Clicking the install button results in the PC rebooting and then running in “no mans land” for a while whilst the updates are applied.  During the process all you really have to watch is a small bit of text in the upper left corner of your screen.

Once the upgrade has completed, the PC reboots.

The first thing you notice is that grub now has a new kernel version to boot from.  Admittedly not overly note worthy for me this time around as I’m just upgrading my day to day machine and don’t really need to consider what new features there are in the kernel on this occasion.  And if it breaks something then I will enhance my knowledge whilst fixing whatever goes wrong.

Next up I have the usual prompt for my disk encryption password and then shortly after that the login prompt.

Upon entering my password, my screen flickered, the screen went grey and the mouse pointer was relocated right into the centre of my screen.  At this point my PC locked up.  Awesome! Just what I wanted.

A brief bit of googling didn’t really show anything specific for Fedora 26 but it did yield a link the the Common Fedora 25 Bugs page.  The more interesting part though described my exact problem.  Frozen grey screen after upgrade.

So, it looks like it is my fault, well sort of.  I happen to have installed the EasyScreenCast Gnome plugin and this seems to upset things.  Well sort of.  I left that enabled and installed, however I removed (as advised in the F25 bugs page) the package “clutter-gst2”.

A quick reboot and my issue was resolved!  Yay google and the Fedora wiki to the rescue. And now to have a look at what has changed.