DKIM + Courier-MTA on CentOS7

Email.  One of those things which is critical to business and depending on what you read and who you speak to, you may be led to believe that it is dying out in favour of instant messaging technologies.  Well, as of right now, I can’t see it dying out any time soon, though it does […]

Who is this Microsoft and what have you done with the REAL Microsoft?!?!

So, it would appear that Microsoft have turned another corner, with regards to opening up it’s platform to a wider audience!  They will be bringing the bash shell to Windows 10 this summer! See this tech crunch article on this very topic! I’m quite excited about it really, as it will mean that I […]

Back to basics – Kickstart your anaconda file (your systems blueprint)

The final piece in this jigsaw puzzle of network installation madness is the kickstart file.  It is the blueprint from which your RHEL/CentOS/Fedora/[enter distribution name here] is built from. My preferred way of creating the initial template is to perform a manual installation and then to tweak the resultant /root/anaconda-ks.cfg file to my needs.  This […]

Back to basics – Setting up a TFTP server & PXE (PreBoot Environment)

Right then.  So far (if you have been following along) we have done the following; Created a local yum repository based on the installation media on the initial server in our sand boxed lab Installed and setup DNS with Forward and Reverse zones Installed and configured dhcpd for the lab network Tested the DNS and […]

RHEL/CentOS 7 – Waiting for 1 threads to finish

As with most of my posts recently I have been looking at what is required to setup an isolated lab environment and from what started out as a simple idea, has slightly snowballed, due to one or more issues along the way. The most recent is… During the installation I found that after selecting my […]

Warning /dev/root does not exist

Whilst writing a post on setting up a Trivial FTP server and the PXE boot functionality within ISC dhcpd, I stumbled across a bit of an issue which prevented me from successfully deploying either CentOS 7 or RHEL 7 to my KVM virtual machine. I got the following error; the key lines here being; [  […]

SQL Server loves Linux

Breaking news – Microsoft SQL Server for Linux?

If we are to believe the “official” Microsoft blog and the raft of other news sites that have written about this in the past 24 hours, then Microsoft is continuing to change direction. It has announced that it is targeting mid 2017 for a release of SQL Server which will run on Linux.  And as […]

Picture of fiber connected switches and servers

Back to basics – Creating a centralised yum/dnf repository

So far in the “Back to Basics” series (if you can call it that), I’ve covered, setting up a local yum repository, creating a internal DNS server and creating a DHCP server.  Oh, and also then correcting the fact that I had missed the reverse DNS zone for my lab network!  Doh!!!  Now, none of […]

Useful link – RPM DB Recovery

Every now and then, we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament.  In this instance whilst performing an upgrade on a server, things just weren’t going well and it appeared we had some corruption in the RPM database on one of our servers. We were seeing segmentation faults when trying to use “rpm”. The […]

DHCPD and the mysterious “host unknown”

For those of you following my “back to basics” series, in my last post setting up a dhcp server, I finished up with an error that flummoxed me initially. [text]Feb 22 22:13:36 rhc-server dhcpd[2682]: host unknown. Feb 22 22:13:36 rhc-server dhcpd[2682]: host unknown.[/text] I had tried; pinging the supposedly unknown hosts both locally […]