A step-by-Step Guide to Installing Spacewalk on CentOS 7

Please note.  This is for an outdated version of Spacewalk. It would appear that during an upgrade of my blog at some point over the past year, I have managed to wipe out the original how to guide to installing Spacewalk on CentOS 7, so here we go again. A step-by-step guide to installing Spacewalk […]

Security Broken by Design

Admit it. You, just like me, use Google every day to answer those tough questions that we face daily. Sometimes we will ask it how to get us home from somewhere we have never been before – “OK Google, take me home” – other times we might be close to starvation (relatively speaking) – “show […]

Openfire Server-to-Server connectivity issue

Recently, I’ve been working on deploying a clustered Instant Messaging (IM) chat service in my lab and after setting up the clustering by way of the Hazelcast plugin, I found that I was have some rather strange errors being written into the log files which suggested that the server to server connectivity was not being […]

Excess memory consumption – clamscan and ownCloud

Yesterday I had an interesting issue, where one of the colo’d servers I manage, became almost unresponsive. After what felt like an age I was finally logged on to the failing box in question.  It quickly became apparent that the ClamAV application clamscan was being spawned multiple times and consuming all available memory and causing […]

What will happen to the .UK Domain Names after Brexit

Just a thought… Following the EU referendum and the subsequent rift which was highlighted by the very close vote, plus the protests that have taken place since, but just maybe, the United Kingdom is not necessarily as united as we may hope. Hopefully the new government led by prime minister Theresa May will pull it […]

kernel: BUG: soft lockup – CPU#0 stuck for 67s!

Over the weekend I was confronted by the above error being repeated on the console of a VM running Oracle RDBMS. This error occurs when there is a shortage of CPU resources.  For me the solution was a quick shut down of the VM and increasing the available CPU resources.  However there are more ways […]

Warning /dev/root does not exist – The Devil is in the Detail

Following on from an earlier post, it would seem that the “Warning /dev/root does not exist” issue is not confined to “none” kickstart pxe booted installations as I had first thought. I was working on a RHEL 7 installation using Red Hat Satellite 5.7 (upgrade to 6.x in the pipeline but bigger fish to fry […]

CentOS 7 – Watch out for nmtui

It would appear that I have been caught out twice now due to the way that nmtui (Network Manager Text User Interface) works.  I have been messing around with various internal sandboxed networks in my VM environment and (I can only assume ion my haste), I have entered the IP address of a second NIC […]

Spacewalk – Post install sanity check

After having installed Spacewalk, got it working to a certain point and then found that there may have been issues with the installation, I thought it would be easier to simply re-install spacewalk onto a new virtual machine. So following on from my how to article, I wanted to make sure that post installation, I […]