Spacewalk – Initial configuration and registering your first client (on CentOS 7)

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When it comes to setting up Spacewalk to provide and meet you organisations package management and provisioning needs, there is more to it than simply installing the Spacewalk and then clicking Provision!  There is a list of hoops to jump through before you can get up and running.  This post aims to tackle the common […]

Warning /dev/root does not exist – The Devil is in the Detail

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Following on from an earlier post, it would seem that the “Warning /dev/root does not exist” issue is not confined to “none” kickstart pxe booted installations as I had first thought. I was working on a RHEL 7 installation using Red Hat Satellite 5.7 (upgrade to 6.x in the pipeline but bigger fish to fry […]

Spacewalk – Post install sanity check

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After having installed Spacewalk, got it working to a certain point and then found that there may have been issues with the installation, I thought it would be easier to simply re-install spacewalk onto a new virtual machine. So following on from my how to article, I wanted to make sure that post installation, I […]

Who is this Microsoft and what have you done with the REAL Microsoft?!?!

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So, it would appear that Microsoft have turned another corner, with regards to opening up it’s platform to a wider audience!  They will be bringing the bash shell to Windows 10 this summer! See this tech crunch article on this very topic! I’m quite excited about it really, as it will mean that I […]