Linux Kernel Tweaks: kernel.core_uses_pid

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The sysctl option “kernel.core_uses_pid” comes into play when a vmcore file is being dumped.  It can be set in one of two ways;

kernel.core_uses_pid = 0</p>
<p>kernel.core_uses_pid = 1

As you can probably tell this is a binary settings.  It’s either enabled (1) or it’s not (0).

The exact text from the sysctl.txt file is;

<br />
<p>The default coredump filename is &quot;core&quot;.  By setting<br />
core_uses_pid to 1, the coredump filename becomes core.PID.<br />
If core_pattern does not include &quot;%p&quot; (default does not)<br />
and core_uses_pid is set, then .PID will be appended to<br />
the filename.</p>
<p>==============================================================<br />

For Fedora 22 this parameter is set to “1” by default.

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