SQL Server loves Linux

Breaking news – Microsoft SQL Server for Linux?

If we are to believe the “official” Microsoft blog and the raft of other news sites that have written about this in the past 24 hours, then Microsoft is continuing to change direction.

It has announced that it is targeting mid 2017 for a release of SQL Server which will run on Linux.  And as of today there is a private preview release of SQL Server for Linux.  Though I suspect you need to be the right kind of customer to gain access to that.

This to me, seems fairly unsurprising really.  Especially when you consider the Microsoft and Red Hat have been developing a “ever closer union” (a.k.a. relationship) over the past year or so.  And also that Microsoft has been maintaining Skype clients on Linux and their efforts around office on the Mac OS X (which is derived from *nix).

Will be interesting to see what else gets ported from the Microsoft campus into the realm of Linux.  I would also be interested to see what Oracle think of this.

You are pretty much guaranteed that the Linux camp are going to be split, there will be those who are actively against any form of proprietary software (even when the software is still contained in a shrink wrapped box, next to a machine running Linux).  And those who don’t really have an issue with proprietary software on Linux.

I guess I’m probably in the minority, but if this means that enterprise is able to increase the adoption of Linux at the OS level, and to get the benefits of using Linux in the enterprise space, without having to re-engineer all their past works, then that is a good thing.

I suspect, that SQL Server administration will still be a completely administered via the SQL Server Management Studio or T-SQL, and so the DBA’s for the most part will not have to care to much about the underlying infrastructure.  The Linux SAs can continue to work in their world too.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there will be some pain for both DBAs and SAs, but then if nothing else it will make for some interesting conversations around the coffee machine.  And I’m sure that if you want/need Mixed Mode authentication then there will be a lot of work to make sure your Linux servers are members of an Active Directory domain.


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