vSphere 6.7 – operation failed for an undetermined reason.

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Recently I’ve upgraded a test vcenter appliance to 6.7 update 1 and found that a long standing issue is, well, an even longer standing issue. I was attempting to deploy an OVA file via the vCenter HTML5 (and subsequently the Flex) client and was confronted with the following warning; The operation failed for an undetermined […]

Ever wondered how many “raw” devices you can create on a Linux server?

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I have to admit this isn’t a question that crops up all that often, but given what I have been through over recent months, I thought I’d share with the world. Lets start from the beginning… What are raw devices? Raw devices, are used when there is a need to present underlying storage devices as […]

Red Hat Satellite Server – Fatal error in Python code occurred [[6]]

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I have embraced Red Hat Satellite server in a big way over the past year and try to use it wherever possible though not for everything. One of the features I started using to simply life whilst I look at other configuration management systems, was Configuration Channels.  These allow you to provide a central repository […]

iSCSI and Jumbo Frames

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I’ve recently been working on a project to deploy a couple of Pure Storage Flash Array //M10‘s, and rather than using Fiber Channel we opted for the 10Gb Ethernet (admittedly for reasons of cost) and using iSCSI as the transport mechanism. Whenever you read up on iSCSI (and NFS for that matter) there inevitably ends […]

A step-by-Step Guide to Installing Spacewalk on CentOS 7

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Please note.  This is for an outdated version of Spacewalk. It would appear that during an upgrade of my blog at some point over the past year, I have managed to wipe out the original how to guide to installing Spacewalk on CentOS 7, so here we go again. A step-by-step guide to installing Spacewalk […]